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Mulch for your landscape is a great investment for your home and your plants. Mulching is typically thought of as just a way to make your landscape and home look great.While bark mulch does make a landscape look great, it actually helps plants, trees and shrubs grow strong.

Mulches play an important part in keeping your plants from fighting over nutrients they need to grow. Covering the ground in your landscape beds keeps weeds from sprouting and growing. It prevents sunlight from hitting the surface and preventing the weeds from ever forming. Sometimes you may have random weeds pop up but the mulch makes it easy to pull them before they get out of hand. Covering the ground with a bark mulch also protects the surface from drying out. Without the soil being in direct contact with the sunlight, the ground will retain its moisture. So mulch is a lot more important than just making your property look good.

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Deliveries are based on your location from our stores. But don't worry, we have five locations in Louisville and Southern Indiana. So we are never far away.

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